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I am a practicing nutritionist and wellness professional. I work out of CrossFit Markham, Reebok CrossFit East Woodbridge, and Centennial College helping people establish an understanding of food to get them the goals they seek. I attended Ryerson University and acquired my Bachleor’s of Applied Science in Nutrition and Food, which gave me the education and skills to view nutrition through a physiological as well as a psychological lens.

In my university days, having nutrition knowledge and actually applying it to a healthy lifestyle were two different things that I had to learn. I knew what I needed to eat but just didn’t do it. I eventually got into CrossFit to lose a couple pounds, but got quickly hooked into fitness. From there I got into competitive CrossFit, and branched off into the world of competitive bodybuilding as well. At that point in my life, my knowledge on nutrition served as a catalyst to helping me achieve my fitness goals.

I’ve never really been “fit” or “athletic” as a kid or teenager, being more on the chubby side. In fact, to me, physical activity consisted of walking 2 km maybe once a month or so. I didn’t play sports, didn’t go to the gym, and a healthy lunch for me consisted of a granola bar and a vanilla coke. I’ve started from the literal bottom end of the fitness and nutrition spectrum, so believe me when I say I know the daily struggle.

I’ve been involved in the field of nutrition for eight years now, working in fitness facilities, hospitals, diabetes clinics, health agencies, and schools. I’ve worked with competitive athletes, diabetics, pregnant women, cancer survivors, young children, and more. I’ve done countless nutrition seminars, fairs, workshops, group counselling, 30 day challenges, and meal plans. In all my years of nutrition experience, I’ve learned that for someone to make a successful change in their life to achieve the goals they want, they need two things. Consistency and education.

I started Pro Energy Nutrition because I’m passionate about helping people that want to meet a fitness goal, or make a healthy lifestyle change but don’t know how, or need the support to do so. I’ve been there before, I know what works and what doesn’t. Believe me, making a change doesn’t consist of skinny teas, waist trainers, or crash diets. Though nutrition education and learning about what you need to eat to get where you want to be, I can and will help you achieve the athletic, aesthetic, performance, or simply health goals you’re looking for.

I believe that food is not the enemy. Food is meant to fuel your body. Food is meant to be enjoyed, and it is meant to have purpose. You have the tools to be able to harness your behaviors to get where you want to be. Let me show you how.



Nutritionist Karla SchuldesProEnergy (33 of 122)

“I am a Nutrition Coach and a Fitness Trainer. As a former competitive gymnast, I learned very early on the importance of nutrition in an active and competitive lifestyle. The more I focused on my nutrition, the better my training days were and the better results I achieved on the competition floor. It was then that I knew I wanted to help others live a healthy lifestyle in order to get results or simply to feel good every day.

I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a nutrition focus. I have developed a passion for working with people, helping them set and achieve goals and teaching them the ins and outs of proper nutrition. No matter your goal, proper and consistent nutrition will help you get there.

I have been involved with the fitness/wellness world for over 10 years. I have held many positions including Kinesiologist, Group Exercise Instructor, Fitness/Wellness Consultant, Fitness/Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. In my experience in all of these different roles, I have found one consistent theme: In order to get results and achieve your goals, a solid nutritional foundation is a key component. You don’t need to be perfect, but you need to find consistency. I believe nutrition is a lifestyle. It’s making the right choices for your body and your mind.  It’s something you can maintain for years on end and pass on to those around you. The more you know and the more you educate yourself, the easier nutritional choices will be. Having a nutrition coach to educate, guide, support and be accountable to is a huge key to success in upholding a solid nutritional base.

I want to help you! Let me know where you want to go and I will work with you to get you there.”



Nutritionist Kat Elvidgekatproenergybio

I am a certified nutrition coach and a Crossfit trainer. I graduated from Dalhousie University with and Bachelor of Science and have since been certified as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA).

Growing up playing competitive hockey I quickly realized the value nutrition for attaining both increased fitness and performance. I have since made it my goal to help educate others on achieving a healthy lifestyle through both fitness and nutrition.

I am extremely passionate about being able to help people achieve success through nutrition. I believe that nutrition education is the key to making that longterm lifestyle change that will allow you to achieve your goals. Whether you have performance, aesthetic, athletic or other health goals, I can help get you there.



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