“I was really feeling good at regionals and feeling my body was really following me. It was the first time I followed strictly a meal plan during a competition because I had one bad experience in 2014,  Thanks for everything” – Carol Ann Reason-Thibault, 3 x CrossFit Games athlete.


I’m here, I want it! That has been my attitude from the first day I met Jordana to discuss my plan. I have learned so much and have made lasting changes. I have immersed myself into it all and believed it in my core, and you know what? After 12 weeks there are results, solid visible results. And there are all the successes in the gym too! You recall I was in such bad shape when I first started?

Sure, I could have done Atkins, South Beach or whatever other one out there, and I probably would have dropped the weight faster, but they are not sustainable. They cannot be continued for the long haul. How do you know you ask? I have been a perpetual dieter, that’s how! And as much as I lost on those, I put it all back and more!

Working with pro energy nutrition (Jordana) has taught me so many valuable, sustainable strategies that support my health and my lifestyle. I did not know what to expect at first. 12 weeks flew by, the weekly check-ins were a process of accountability, the back and forth emails (I’m surprised I didn’t drive her crazy….maybe I did….she never let on) were that added support and clarity from such a knowledgeable but down to earth individual. Who wouldn’t want that? I want that again! But its not just about want, its about need..

Need: the need to continue on this road, the need to have further success, the need for support, and most of all the need for control…As this is what working with Jordana has provided me, control of something so important in my life. Controlling my health, controlling my body and most of all being in control about how I treat my body. I am fully committed to continuing on this journey and transformation. Why not have the added support to help along the way? After all, you have all been involved in my journey since I started to make a change, why not continue to be there? Lets keep this going, lets see what else can be accomplished ..together….as a team! – Elita Saulle


I have always struggled with dieting and weight loss. I knew something had to change. Last year I started to struggle with injuries and tendonitis in different areas of my body. I felt as if I was falling apart. I was frustrated with my workouts and lacked confidence to do some of the things that I was doing previously. I started in January 2017 with Pro Energy Nutrition. I was hoping to lose weight and improve my workouts. Although I have not experienced the “tv commercial” body transformation, I have experienced some positive changes that I am very excited about.

The number one change that I have experienced is a decrease in my pain. I am no longer falling apart! I have gained back confidence in my workouts, I feel strong and my skin is clearer. I feel good. And although I have not lost tons of weight, I have seen some progress in my weekly pictures. It’s slow but steady progress. I have been working on shifting my thinking from the number on the scale to how I feel. I will never be “ripped” or have six pack abs but I can focus on my health and feeling good. I still struggle and weekends are hard but I have been learning and relying on planning ahead with meal preparation.

I know I would not have gotten to this place without the help of Pro Energy Nutrition. Thank you! – Adrienne Lepage


I consulted Jordana after I tried many different ways of diets that would help me achieving my fitness goals, improve my performance while doing high intensity workouts and having a healthy eating habits. I was very frustrated because I have always failed doing it by myself. Jordana has been teaching me how to understand what my body needs based on my macros and when do I need to eat. I don’t even feel I’m on a diet any more. I really appreciate the nutrition plan that she has designed for me. I feel great and this is what matters, I’m sure the results will follow along the way. Thank you Jordana for helping me.
– Bruna Basile

I started with Pro Energy shortly after joining Reebok Crossfit Woodbridge. I had done 2 previous programs in the past but was really looking for something that would not only help with my health but for performance as well.
About 2 weeks into the program i found out I had a pretty serious shoulder injury that requires surgery to correct.
Jordana would not let me quit the game plan and along with Chris encouraged me to continue training hard and participate in the open.
I managed to lose 3/4 of an inch off my waist while maintaining my muscle mass and had a great open.
Got my first muscle up and finished in the top 7% for my age group. A personal best.
Thanks for not letting me quit! – John Panousis


I initially signed up for Pro Energy Nutrition to try and determine what was causing some gastrointestinal problems. Not only was Jordana able to help me to pinpoint what products were causing issues, but she also helped me to have a greater understanding of nutrition and its impact on my overall wellness.    I also came away from the experience with a much better relationship with food and overall perspective on diet. – Diana Jones
Victoria Morello 

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Brett Cranson

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